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PCR, Centaur, IGG és egyéb koronavírus teszt áraink

During the coronavirus epidemic, our finances have also changed. While quite a few lost their jobs in the spring of 2020, others had to change the nature of their work. One of the consequences of this was the spread of the home office and the purchase of related products: most workers very soon found out, they needed more to work from home than just a dining table and a laptop. In addition, the spending for health of many has changed: public health has become less accessible due to the pandemic and its far-reaching consequences. While in Hungary Covid-19 vaccinations are within the framework of public health, and can be obtained for free, some Covid-19 tests are still only available within the private health field for charge, although some tests can be obtained for a very good reason, without extra charge.

At what prices are the Covid-19 tests available at Margit Laboratory?

Due to its size and business policy, Margit Laboratory is able to provide several different Covid-19 tests at one of the lowest prices available in Hungary. We currently offer our products at the following prices:

PCR test

more than, 25% discount

The test results will be sent to the specified email address in Hungarian and English, within 24 hours, it's one of the fastest ways in the country. Additional discounts are available (see below)

instead of 19.500 HUF

HUF 14,000

Centaur test(neutralizing antibody test)

to detect the protection, whether in the event of an infection or after any covid-19 vaccination

HUF 11,000

IgG serological antibody test (ELFA test)

to detect that if you have undergo of the infection

HUF 7,000

IgM serological antibody test (ELFA test)

to detect active infection

HUF 7,000

Post Covid test

gives an answer as to whether the subject recovered completely from the Covid-19 infection without complications

HUF 15,000

Rapid antigen test

shows whether the coronavirus is present in the airways of the examined at the time of testing.

HUF 5,000

Test yourself for covid at Margit Laboratory


In the case of a PCR test, if you want the sampling to be performed in your home, the disembarkation fee is low (HUF 6,000 in Budapest, HUF 10,000 in Pest County, every other place is by individual agreement), while sampling from 4 person can be without disembarkation fee.

From 5 person, the already very low price of HUF 14,000 changes to HUF 13,500. If you need the result very urgently, we guarantee to send it not only within the 24 hours included in the base price, but up to 12 hours for an additional fee.


On 21 September 2020, the decree came into force, according to which the price of PCR tests for SARS-COV-2 virus was provided with a so-called official price in Hungary. This, in this case meant that the sampling activity for PCR tests was legally set at HUF 2,500 gross and the test fee at HUF 17,000 gross. From the customers point of view, this meant that a PCR test in Hungary could cost only a maximum of HUF 19,500 gross. This has prevented free competition from creating too high prices for the often anxious buyers (There were examples of PCR test prices of up to HUF 30-40,000 in some foreign countries, in Europe, as service providers could not keep up with the growing demand: it is not possible to open a new, specially equipped laboratory with a qualified staff every day).

The regulation containing the official price did not state that no service could be provided below that price, but merely set that price ceiling. The regulation has been in force ever since, but there are already providers who can perform the PCR test below the official price. Some providers tried to increase the price somewhat by providing customers with the release of the result or translation of the find into English at an additional cost.

At Margit Laboratory, the price of the PCR coronavirus test is one of the most favorable in the country, currently HUF 14,000, which includes not only sending the result to the given email address, but also the official version of the result in Hungarian and English).


Just as the price of a fruit yogurt or a car varies from store to store, so is the price of a coronavirus test different. Here, too, the rule applies that by reaching a larger quantity, lower prices can be ensured, even at the highest quality. Although there are plenty of Covid-19 test sampling points in the capital and in the country, there are relatively few specially equipped laboratories in Hungary that is able to evaluate PCR and serological (detected from blood) samples. The Margit Laboratory, located at Kolosy tér in Buda, is one of the following: since the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic, a lot of inquiries have come to our specially equipped molecular diagnostic laboratory. The price of the Covid test can be kept low, among other things, because we can serve those who contact us directly.

In addition to the most common PCR tests, there is a growing demand for other types of tests, and more and more tests are being developed since we learn more and more about the SARS-COV-2 virus: including new tests such as the Centaur test and the Post-Covid test, which are not yet available at many Hungarian providers. Thus, since the Margit Laboratory is at the forefront of serological tests as well in Hungary, the price of the Covid antibody test can be kept low, be it ELFA (IgM, IgG) or Centaur tests (neutralizing antibody test).


Milyen árakon lehet COVID-19 teszteket végeztetni?


A MargitLab a legmagasabb minőséget alacsony árakkal képes összekapcsolni. A PCR teszt a hatósági 19.500 Ft-os ár helyett 14.000 Ft-ért érhető el, míg a szerológiai vizsgálatok 7.000 és 11.000 Ft-ért érhetők el. A Post Covid teszt ára 15.000 Ft, míg az antigén gyorsteszté 5.000 Ft.


Van a hatósági árnál olcsóbb elérhető COVID-19 teszt?


A MargitLabnál több mint 25% kedvezménnyel, 19.500 Ft helyett 14.000 Ft-ért érhető el a PCR teszt. A szerológiai és más tesztek teljes szolgáltatása mintavétellel, vizsgálattal és a lelet kiküldésével is alacsony áron vásárolhatók meg.


Vannak további kedvezmények is?


Igen: 4 teszt együttes elvégzésénél a kiszállás ingyenes Budapesten és Pest megyében, míg 5 főtől a PCR teszt ára 14.000 Ft helyett 13.500 Ft-os áron érhető el. Nagy mennyiség és rendszeres megrendelés esetén további kedvezmények is igénybe vehetők.